How to Change Your Car Oil and Filter

One of several easiest and most important actions to take to make sure that your engine runs efficiently and smoothly is to modify the filter and oil regularly. Oil tends to disintegrate over time which clogs up the filter with contaminants and hampers the performance of the engine. This could be necessary every 3 months / 3,000 miles or possibly not until 24 months / 20,000 miles depending upon particular driving habits.


This is one thing which a lot of people can are able to do themselves; it’s relatively inexpensive and quick, alternatively you can pop into Nissan Riverside and let them do the job for you.

Here’s what you need to do:

Drain the Oil – to do this you will have to lift your motor using either car ramps or jacks. Park with a level surface put the parking brake on and jack up the car. Make sure that you set the car jacks in the correct place for your make and model of motor – the information needs to be in the manual. Make sure that your car is secured with braces before wanting to work beneath it.


Warm up the Engine – just let it sit ticking over for a couple of minutes to churn up the oil and allow it to drain a little bit easier and quicker. If the oil is cold the solid particles of dirt and grime settle at the bottom so that you need them to be in with the oil. Be sure that you have the right tools for the task handy – a new supply of oil, new oil filter, pot and newspaper in which to catch the old oil as it drains, socket wrench plus a flashlight. Your owner’s manual may have the information about the type of oil and filter necessary for your make and model of car.

Remove the Oil Cap – this will help that old oil to empty out more freely. Eliminate the oil cap from the top of the the engine under the hood to accelerate the process.

Locate the Oil Pan – this will most likely be a flat and metal pan which can be located close to the engine using a plug or bolt towards the bottom of it. Eliminate the plug allowing the oil to drain out but ensure that you place a pan and newspaper underneath first to catch the oil. Ensure that you are ready as the oil are going to run out as soon as you get rid of the plug. Make sure you wear old clothes because there’s a very good chance that you’ll get dirty accomplishing this job.

Wait – it will require a few minutes for all of the oil to drain out so provide it with plenty of time. After all of the oil has run out replace the plug to hand tight and then tighten it up together with the wrench. Remember to replace any washers or gaskets that had been in the plug.

Replace the Oil Filter – now you will be able to remove, replace and locate the oil filter. Before you decide to remove it so that you will don’t spill lots of waste oil into the floor within this procedure, wrap a plastic bag around it.


Before they fit it, fit the brand new Oil Filter – many individuals will place a small amount of oil into the new filter.

Once you have fitted the latest oil everything and filter is snugly in position you can fill with the new engine oil. You do this from the cap at the top of the engine.

It is wise to place the old engine oil into a sealed container and take it to some designated collection location in your local area.

And that’s really all there exists to it. Obviously, you could always contact by leaving it for the professionals.