The Cars Which Will Become the Collectors Items of the Future

The vast majority of five or ten year-old cars are bought given that they are more affordable than the new model and they are destined to slowly de-value within the coming years till the only remedy is to replace them. There are some however which can be destined for the different future entirely.

Some pre-used motors are destined for a lifetime of appreciation, ultimately spending their days in the nice warm garage of some petrol headed collector.

Although there is no crystal ball for such matters, here are several likely contenders:

2006 Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 – if any car has the “”wow”” factor this certainly does the lovechild of an affair between Mercedes Benz and Chrysler at the turn of the century. The standard convertible and coupe were available for purchase between 2004 and 2008 nevertheless the SRT6 was available only from showrooms during 2005 and special factory order in 2006 while some handling and satisfaction issues were tweaked. There are therefore only around 1,500 ever produced making them pretty rare – and this means collectible.


1999 – 2009 Honda S2000 – this is arguably the best car Honda has ever produced with real enthusiast appeal. The S2000 was really a tribute for the roadsters S series through the swinging 1960’s and is likely to be collectible in the future. Its four cylinder engine revs sky high and produces 237 hp, it has the perfect 50/50 weight distribution and a extremely low center of gravity for handling beyond the wildest dreams. If you get the chance, take one for a test drive but if not they’ve got some other great motors at which you could also fall in love with.


2005 – 2011 Lotus Elise – technically the final year of this model was 2011 however they were still produced a little later than that as a stop gap prior to the next generation was unleashed on the world. The only new Lotus that has been then available in the American market was the Evora which lost much of the raw appeal of the Elise in search of luxury. Anyone who has a yearn to drive a to basics and pretty Spartan motor should keep an eye out for one of these. Okay, watch out for HPDE or track cars that can probably are already used and abused but they are available with salvage titles.

2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe GXP – the Pontiac was an unfortunate victim of GM’s bankruptcy woes and it really is a crying shame. This car was fabulous, drop dead gorgeous, the super style of the motor world but only 1,200 were ever produced before GM did the dirty, killed it off and closed the plant in Delaware. Used Pontiac Solstice used coupes have hardly depreciated at all and if you can choose one with low mileage the prices are already starting to rise.


Even though of course sourcing and purchasing one of these types of motors may be nothing more than a pipe dream for many of us, what certainly doesn’t have to be a pipe dream is buying a new or used car from jeep garden grove.

They may not have any one of these available currently . . . or indeed ever (you’ll have to make certain out once you get there if you’re interested) but these are just a few examples of the great cars which have been produced over recent years. There are plenty more great cars for sale in their showroom at fabulous deals and costs. Why not stop by and take a look?