TrueCar Gives Out December 2013 TrueTrends


Our editors have just returned in the North American International Auto Show — where Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Honda and Mercedes-Benz stole the show with updated versions of a selection of their most popular models. Because these vehicles are the launch of future editions from the next model year, we’re sharing information here on the current models you can buy today. And because dealers are anxious to clear their lots of outgoing models, buyers are more likely to be able to negotiate better pricing on these select vehicles today, instead of awaiting the all-new models to come to dealerships later this year.

And forecasting, is working to help shoppers find a great deal on their perfect vehicle, so this listing of cars is a roundup of a variety of economical and luxurious cars, a rugged work truck, a practical utility vehicle, plus a sports car representing a broad range of choices for any driver’s needs, as your resource for researching new cartrends and pricing!

There’s no better place to shop for a new car than at an auto show, and right now consumers can attend the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit from Saturday, January 18 through Sunday, January 28, 2014. There, attendees can research and evaluate more than 500 concept and production vehicles from every manufacturer, making it a terrific way to cross shop their selection of brands and models without the pressure of your sales person attempting to make a sale.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s that much better to take advantage of the TrueCar auto buying tools to identify a Certified Dealer and get guaranteed up-front savings as well as a streamlined shopping experience.

Our December 2013 TrueTrends analysis supplies the consumer a brand new approach to data presentation with crisp, clear insight into the health and way forward for the automotive industry. Here you will find links to the complete contents of our December 2013 TrueTrends report, providing clarity into consumer buying trends and auto manufacturer performance as well as a number of data and analysis on new car sales and pricing.

December 2013 TrueTrends Report: Performance Scorecards

The Scorecard measures the overall performance of a brand or manufacturer based on sales, incentives and pricing customer loyalty, market share, and inventory turn data.

December 2013 TrueTrends Report:’s Price Flex Score

The Price Flex Score measures the elasticity of transaction price by model. The Price Flex Score calculation dynami- cally incorporates the factors which affect price variance including the model’s transaction cost range, current inventory and sales data. A car experiencing extremely low inventory and a small range of transaction prices may have a low Price Flex Score. Don’t expect much of a discount from the average transaction price on a vehicle with a low cost Flex Score. If a vehicle has a high Price Flex Score, however, you have the potential to strike a deal significantly below (or above, if you’re not careful! ) the average transaction price.

December 2013 TrueTrends Report: Greatest Discounts

Featuring the highest discounts on 2013 models. Large Trucks, Large SUVs, and Vans and Large Cars offer the greatest discounts at an average below MSRP of 8.4% or more. The best 2013 brands with the biggest discounts are Chrysler, Ford, Acura and Ram and Mitsubishi. The overall industry discount is 7.3%.

December 2013 TrueTrends Report: Largest Total Incentives for December

This month, the 2013 BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid has the largest total incentives with $9,000 in customer cash incentives.

December 2013 TrueTrends Report: Greatest Price Drop Month over Month

For each body type, tracks the average transaction price for each trim and lists the vehicles with the greatest drop in price month over month. This month’s greatest drop in price is within the Large Truck segment, by using a $2,768 difference from recently on the 2013 Nissan Titan.

December 2013 TrueTrends Report: Shortest and Longest Days in Inventory

LargeVans and SUVs, Subcompact Cars and huge Cars are where the best potential inventory-based discounts is going to be seen. Generally, Large SUVs are vacationing in inventory for 76 days and Vans for 70 days, and Subcompact Cars and Large Cars are on-lot for 69 days. The average days in inventory is 54 days. Small Trucks offer an average inventory stay of 31 days, Luxury SUVs 41 days and Small SUVs for 44 days.

December 2013 TrueTrends Report: Model Year Share

Model Year Share shows the percentage of2012 and 2013, and 2014 model year vehicles that have been sold within the last month. The makes with the highest percentage of 2013 Model Year Share are Hyundai, Lincoln, smart and Jaguar and Nissan. Model year 2014 vehicles make up most of the market this month at 57.8%.

December 2013 TrueTrends Report: TrueMPGTM

The goal of TrueMPGTM is to study the actual mpg of all vehicles sold in a particular month. Calculations start at the trim level, taking into account EPA fuel economy data that also includes engine size and drivetrain factors affecting a vehicle’s MPG ratings. TrueMPGTM aims to illustrate the actual MPG’s of each manufacturer, brand and vehicle segments to givemedia and consumers, and the industry an improved understanding of fuel efficiency. To ascertain TrueMPGTM, utilizes the EPA’s average fuel economy rating using 45 percent highway and 55 percent city driving behavior. The overall industry MPG is 23.6 for November 2013.