Wow All of Your Friends With One of these Cars

Everyone in Los Angeles must have a car – it’s unlike you’re going to be able to travel using the paltry public transportation or anything. The buses don’t run often enough, particularly at night, and the Metro doesn’t even go to 1/10 of Los Angeles county. So, if you need a car that can help identify you as a force to be reckoned with, or maybe something fun and cool since hey, you simply live once, then here are a few options for being the coolest person inside your friend circle.



Teslas are actually less expensive than you feel. Well, that’s not necessarily true, but they are making some versions of the fancy all-electric car that are within a normal person’s budget. You might think that there’s no method for you to afford this type of cool and fun car that really sets you besides your friends, but if you think the Honda Accord your driving is worth salvaging a relationship with your friends, then you are wrong, and you should get a Tesla.



That’s where you could be surprised, even though the new Fiats are really cool, and you may believe that you can’t afford the import fees to bring them over from Italy: they now sell Fiats in the United States of America! If you go to a fiat dealer Los Angeles and check out their inventory, you may think that you have been teleported to the old country but that will never be true: we all do not yet have teleporting technology! So, you will indeed still be within your homeland, so take one out to get a test drive. They are really easy to park, therefore we know in LA that’s an important criteria for getting a fresh car, even though not only are the unique and funkyfunky and unique. Explore the awesome new Fiats at

Honda Odyssey

You may think that the minivan will never be what you want to become cooler than your friends, however think about beach day, when it’s time for the whole gang to hang and enjoy some waves and some sun. If everyone drives separately where’s the camaraderie for the reason that? If you get yourself a mom car like an Odyssey, not only will it serve you for a long number of years, but you will end up the king of your friends circle.

Ford Mustang


Then naturally there’s muscle car factor: the power of a V6 or V8 ‘Stang, with a drop top, is the perfect thing to get this summer to wow your friends, impress strangers, and excite the co-eds who might take a fancy to you for the materialistic aspect of whatever you drive. There’s nothing wrong after some sweetness to the summer, just like a Ford Mustang. The truth is, they make to get a really fun ride for the awesome price, since they are cheaper because no-one other than rental car companies buys them., even though they have a bad rap for being type of a car for douches